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Myilraj G | Blogger

Turn Your Writing Passion into a Profitable Blog

I'm Myilraj. G 🡒 Blogger at,
— Founder of Raj Softech Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd,
— CEO of Subhakrite Bizcorp Solutions Pvt Ltd, 

I started my career as a Junior Maintenance Engineer — earned a monthly salary of 5000 INR in 2010. Later, kick-started my blogging career in 2013 and completed my 10 years of successful blogging in 2023. In 2023, handling 5 fortune blogs in different niches and living a boss-free life while earning six-digit monthly revenue.

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Your Long-time Blogging Problem Ends here...

In recent days, bloggers struggling to get new post ideas, write quality content, and drive traffic. Moreover, they fail to rank their blog, grow their audience, and monetize the content.

It is hard despite the humongous competition in the blogging industry in 2023.

If you are feeling frustrated or stuck, I am here to help (because I have 10+ years of experience in blogging).

Let us tackle the problems holding you back from growing your blog through my 45-day 1:1 blogging training.

We will work together (during the program) to develop your blog into a profitable platform. I promise you to transform your blog into a 24/7 money-earning platform.

Turn your writing passion into a profitable blog by the end of the program. And create a clear roadmap to take your blog next level.

Attention Newbie's, Blogger'sEntrepreneur's, and Content Writer's!

A second income source is mandatory for you in this world of uncertainty. One salary (or one income) cannot fulfill your dream and put you in financial trouble. Let's workout a solution today.

For Newbie's

Are you a newbie, a job-goer, a college student, or a homemaker wanting to earn money on your own? Blogging is the ultimate choice for you to start today. Do not hesitate as there are no special skills required to start blogging. If you have a strong desire and little writing skill, you can definitely start. Here, how am I going to work with you?

  1. Discuss with you to decide on a niche (book now).
  2. Guide you setting up a WordPress blog.
  3. Teach you KW research and Content Writing.
  4. Assist you with SEO and Digital Marketing.
  5. Make your blog generate passive income.
  6. All sessions are purely 1:1 including you and me.

For Blogger's

Are you a blogger struggling to generate revenue from your blog? You are publishing blog posts, doing SEO, and promoting it but no growth in your blog. But still, people are not visiting your blog, and Adsense rejected your application. It is not an end, and you are not the only one. Let us work together to fix the problems and take your blog next level.

  1. Book a 1:1 session with me today (book now).
  2. Analyze why your blog is not growing.
  3. Prepare a content and marketing plan.
  4. Start working towards one goal.
  5. Drive traffic and monetize the blog.
  6. Enjoy the benefits of earning passive income.

For Entrepreneur's

So, you are a solopreneur looking to expand your online presence. Do you know starting a blog is an excellent content marketing strategy to grow your brand and showcase your experience in the niche? By writing blog posts, you can connect with your target audience and reach new customers. What's more than earning from the blog itself?

  1. Let's connect today via a 1:1 call (book now).
  2. Discuss your current business.
  3. Find market opportunities and analyze the competition.
  4. Set up a WordPress blog and create content.
  5. Let's do SEO to climb the top position.
  6. Increase your presence and generate passive revenue.

For Content Writer's

Are you a content writer or copywriter trying to establish yourself as an authority? And tired of writing excellent content for other blogs and brands for peanuts. Wait.! Spending an hour or two daily investing in your own blogging will give you tremendous growth. Turn your writing passion to grow in terms of more client base and increased revenue.

  1. Let's discuss this today via a 1:1 call (book now).
  2. Talk about difficulties in finding clients.
  3. I will tell you how a blog can be your savior.
  4. Fire up your first WordPress portfolio blog.
  5. Create a content calendar to publish posts.
  6. Grow your clientele and revenue simultaneously.

Why Choose Me?

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