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Why Choose Me?

I am always like to work in an environment where I can devote my knowledge and experience to bring in results. I am self-motivated, quick planner, transparent, team worker.

Every one of us was doing some kind of business to earn money for their living. Simultaneously, business development is highly influenced by the volume of investment made to promote a business that includes marketing activities, product development, etc.

If the business doesn't deserve the calculated ROI, then the investment will become dumb. Since companies are willing to invest in Digital Marketing due to its great potential, the results are measurable and monitored under the control.

I always prepare a goal before starting any project and create a result-oriented working plan to bring up the results.

My Services For You

I am providing complete Digital Support for all types of Businesses

Business Consulting | Setup

Yes! Of course, it’s a dream for everyone to start their very own online business. Because through businesses only, you can live your dream life. Ask me how? SAY GOODBYE to your BOSS!

Domain Names |   Registration

A domain name is the internet address of your business. A strong domain name is the one that adds credibility to your business and gives you a unique space on the Internet for online marketing.

Web Hosting |


Every website needs a perfect hosting to get their business in front of the millions of the eyes. I will get you the best in class affordable web hosting solutions for all your business needs.

Website Planning | Designing

Having an online presence with a website is essential in the current decade. It helps you take your business across the globe online. A website helps to drive potential customers across the globe.

Logo Designing | Branding

A Logo is an important part of your company's brand. It creates a strong impression and trust on your brand. I help businesses/blogs foster a brand logo for their online presence.

Digital Marketing |


Search engine visibility plays the most important part of your blogging or online business success. A proper SEO has the power to put your business stand one step ahead of your competitors.

Content Writing |  Marekting

Content is the King. For every blog and/or website on the internet needs quality content to promote their business. I can offer you the best content service for your businesses and blogs.

Email Marketing | Landing Page

Emails are a great way to communicate with your prospects, leads, and blog visitors. It helps to build loyalty and trust in your brand. Let me create effective email campaigns.

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About Myilraj.G

I am just another male with vision to achieve something or to build something for everything __

First Generation Entrepreneur who found my inner passion that drives me to this stage __

Begun my Career as an Electrical Engineer turned out to be a Blogger in 2013 via onlinehomeincome.in __

Started a small startup offering digital marketing services and web design services in 2014 - Raj Softech Solutions __

Become a Full-time Blogger cum Digital Marketer in 2016 - onlinehomeincome.in vs rajsoftechsolutions.com __

Now, Director, CEO of a Private Limited Company - Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited - 2020 __

Expanded my area into web server tech thus providing web hosting solutions and much more __

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