Entrepreneurship Qualifications: Skills and requirements

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Entrepreneurship Qualifications

Entrepreneurship is the ability that lives inside you, that drive you to live a life that normal person can’t live


This is the first post on this blog, and I am planned to share my first pitch on the topic, “Entrepreneurship”.

The term entrepreneur is really a Golden Word and it makes you feel like heaven. Not all people can become an entrepreneur as it requires Passion, and special skills to transform your passion into a success.


Entrepreneurship Qualifications


Entrepreneur-ship —   always Be Prepared:

In Entrepreneurship, you are not prepared earlier and do later, but you gonna do as a part of your preparation.

Nothing can make you become an entrepreneur, only your eternal spirit that drives you to become a successful entrepreneur.

It will not happen through any pre-planned work or action, but the motivation and real-time experience that transforms you.


Entrepreneurship is a Challenge:

Yes, It is an open challenge that you do for yourself.

You will not taste the fruit of success, over-night – Shorter period, between, you will face lots of hurdles, struggles, and even criticism.

You should accept those challenges to adopt your entrepreneurial mindset. You may be even shown disrespect from your neighborhood.

The worst thing is, even your family members won’t respect you. Facing challenges, overcoming hurdles are a pure success.


Entrepreneurship is a character:

Yes, it determines Who you are? What do you do? How do you do?

When you observe business peoples, their pure success is their mindset, synonymically behavior, later changed to the character.

They often look things differently and do work smartly.

They judge things from their own experience, that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Your passion becomes your thoughts, your thought becomes your behavior, your behavior becomes your character.

That’s what I mean?


Entrepreneurship is an Alien?

I am not joking here because thinking on another extreme will be the nature of entrepreneurial mind.

Yes, their advanced thinking capability craves their action so much.

They find possibilities in every opportunity, that are not evident to others.

They like to conquer risks as a part of their activities, they believe that opportunities are more likely having risks.


Not every person can become an entrepreneur, but every single person can try.

It’s all about driving your passion that haunts your dream.


About my Entrepreneurship:

NOW 2017, I can proudly say that I am an Entrepreneur.

In 2013, I wrote my dream on a paper, prepared a workout plan to execute.

But as said earlier, it is really embarrassing, because faced a lot of criticism, not from others but from friends and family.

Most of the nights were sleepless, that slowly haunted my thoughts, work, activities, to become an entrepreneur.

But, am not from a rich family, have to go for 9 -5 Day job to meet family expenses every month.

Strong desire and reason to achieve have helped me a lot to reach the height of success.

In 2015, I said, Good-Bye to 9-5 Day Job with just only one hope in my hand.

Now in 2017, it’s not just one but many.

Visit my Portfolio to know what?


How to become a successful entrepreneur?

If you think this way, first you should self-evaluate yourself. Ask these questions, and write the answer…

1.)    Why do I want to become an entrepreneur?

2.)    What makes me transform?

3.)    Do I have a passion?

4.)    Do I have possibilities?

5.)    Can I make it happen? One strong reason.

If you have answers, prepare a chart and stick on the wall, where you can see every day when you first open your eyes from the bed.

Because it is the fuel for your transformation.


The Four qualities:

Four Qualities


Be an Analyst: The first skill is to find possibilities in every opportunity. So, analyze things.

Be a Listener: You should listen to everything, observe the purpose.

Be an Executioner: You are awesome because once you observed the purpose, you can execute.

Be a Leader: It takes time but later develop this quality.


At the end, the best driving thing is seeing the positive in every negative and accepting “NO” [next option] at every step.

In a successful entrepreneurship, Focus on your business and the success was your ultimate priority.

Still, we can continue to reveal more possibilities and outcomes in this journey as there is not an end at all.


Share your own thoughts, experience with me the drives you.

Happy Entrepreneurship,




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  1. As u said entrepreneur require passion about his idea…businessman doesn’t require passion about idea or product???? I can manage the business but I don’t have any passion abt anything like some ppl having a passion or arranging ppl together etc??

  2. Seriously very motivational article that make me interested to know what you have been doing as an entrepreneur and how you started. Start-up is really challenging specially for entrepreneur. There is some distinction between a business man and entrepreneur. Challenges are double than doing business as it’s more than a business. Entrepreneur require special qualities. Please share your all stories of your journey so that like make people will some real inspiration and guide.


  3. Hi very nice article keep it up the good work Wonderful!! Thank you for posting an informative blog. Your posts are more interesting and informative

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