I want to Start a Blog, But I have no Idea What to Write?

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Can I Start a Blog?


I want to Start a Blog, But I have no Idea What to Write? I have a few interests in some topics, but I don’t know whether that is enough to put out interesting content regularly?


Today, Blogging is the most successful business for many people. Before starting, I suggest you ask yourself whether you mainly want to blog for sharing information and networking or to generate money by monetizing it.

You can write anything as you wish if you just blog for networking or sharing your thoughts.

Whereas, if you wish to blog for money, you have to write to rank well.

There is a difference between the two.

Coming to your point,

  1. If your interested topic has less or no potential to generate money (ask help from experts), you better divert your topic search.
  2. Choose a topic that is trending and has a large potential like Money Making, Affiliate Marketing, Food (reviews, recipes) Blog, Technology (gadget reviews) Blog, etc.
  3. Start finding top-performing blogs in those niches, approach them for a chance to write for their blogs.
  4. Deliver quality articles consistently for at least 3 – 4 months. This approach will give you enough exposure in the relevant field as well as helps to groom your writing skills.

Once you believe that you can able to write for yourself, start a blog then.

All the best for your blogging career…


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