SEO Plugins – Importance and the Need For the One – 4 FAQ Answered

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SEO Plugins

What are SEO Plugins?

SEO Plugins are extension modules for CMS that analyze your content and provide a report that helps you to optimize your content for technical SEO.

Types of SEO WordPress Plugins:

There are several SEO plugins and each has its features and functions. You can download these plugins from WordPress Repository. The Premium version of these plugins has more functions when compared to the free version.

But everyone can’t afford the premium, but, free still perform at its best.

These plugins were built for several functions such as:

  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Adding robot meta tags
  • Adding ‘rel’ attributes to internal and external links
  • Adding Meta Data and Meta Tags
  • Adding OG Graph
  • Adding canonical URL,
  • Structured Data and Schema, etc.

There are many more features are available and you can choose the plugin based on your requirement.

Which is best for SEO – Yoast or RankMath?

Out there in the field, Yoast and RankMath record the highest installations because of their extended features. These two plugins have too many auxiliary functions that work beyond core On-Page SEO. You can configure various SEO Elements locally and globally.

Yoast is the father of SEO whereas RankMath is a newcomer but has grown rapidly. Both plugins compete with each other in terms of performance, settings, and optimization.

If you can able to invest in buying a premium version, you can go with RankMath otherwise Yoast is the finest choice. RankMath is having more features when compared to Yoast, but, that doesn’t ensure your ranking gain. However, if you are just starting a blog, start with Yoast SEO unless if you don’t have money to invest.

Will SEO Plugin Improve Search Ranking?

SEO Plugins are just indicators that give your visual assistance to improve your content for SEO. They will not help you to improve search engine ranking, but they assist you by listing the areas of improvement. As a blogger, you can easily identify bottlenecks affecting your SEO.

Making changes and optimizing your content according to the suggestions can improve your SE Ranking.

SEO is about producing quality and informative content for the people.

If your goal is to satisfy your audience, these SEO plugins stand next to it.


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