This blog was started to teach people about different online money making methods. Actually, I can proudly present this blog as because it was the foundation for my online career.

Started since 2013, this blog has served nearly two lakh people to find their genuine online jobs from home.

This blog made me become a successful entrepreneur online. I quit my full-time job on 31-DEC-2015 because my blog pays me more than enough.

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I started this project during my career after 2016 in view to write informative contents about Parenting.

Baby is the gift to every parent by the God and it gives them a prestigious status in the society. So, parenting is a very important duty of every parent to take care of their baby.

You can get every detail information about PARENTING. I have written about different stages of parenting, pregnancy care, neonatal, and postnatal care here.

There is a team of mother’s behind this blog who stand as a backbone in sharing the information about this prestigious duty of Parenting.


Every business was made online thus hosting becomes very important for those businesses. To make your website available 24×7, you should choose the best hosting platform.

As my business was on the developing various websites/blogs, and from 2013, I have tried several hosting platforms from GoDaddy to BlueHost.

There are differences in every service providers based on their server architecture and customer support, data center etc.

Presently I am doing business with a prime hosting company in the US. And I was so much addicted to their support and service. This made me start my very own hosting company based in India, which helps to deliver the best hosting experience to all my clients.

There are various hosting plans to suit your various business needs and the best part is that it fits your budget. Start your online business with my reliable servers and make your website live anywhere at any time in the world.

Few more projects...


This site fully concentrated on computer and Technology and it provides the Computer and technology related tips and tricks to its viewers. At DSP, we consistently try to publish various do it yourself guides and useful tech tutorials which really helpful to fix users own computer’s problems, with tech-updates.


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