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Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a website on the first page of search engine result pages.

In other words, it is the practice of increasing the volume of traffic to a website/blog through organic search results.

SEO includes both technical work and creative work which helps improve ranking and increase your brand awareness in the online market.

SEO is all about building search engine friendly websites.


Why Is SEO Important?

Generally, there are four sources of traffic: Organic, Direct, Social, and Referral. When you analyze traffic pattern of every blog/website, Organic Traffic contributes the more percentage.

Among organic traffic, the majority of the web traffic was driven by major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Organic Traffic knew as Search Engine Traffic or Natural Traffic is a free traffic and does not require any investment.

The primary goal of SEO is to have your site crawled by search engines and also rank your pages to the relevant keywords.

The keywords are termed Search queries which people use to search on these search engines.


What are the Types of SEO?

SEO is generally classified into two types: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is defined by the SEO activities involved in writing quality contents by proper keyword research and publishing on the Blog.

It also includes content optimization and presentation, providing user-friendly navigation and a great user experience.

Off Page SEO

Off Page, SEO is defined by the SEO activities involved in creating backlinks and developing brand awareness around the blog.

It also includes various activities such as Guest Post submission, Email marketing, Content Outreach campaign and Directory submission etc.

There are other types of SEO which are called as White Hat Techniques and Black Hat Techniques.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO helps improving search engine ranking by obeying search engine guidelines.

Following this technique will follow all algorithmic rules to rank their website/blog.

White-Hat SEO helps to sustain ranking for a very long time as it involves the quality content creation, proper optimization etc.

Gaining ranking will take more time, slow and steady, but last for a long time.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO also improves search engine ranking by exploiting search engine guidelines.

Black Hat SEO manipulates algorithm changes to quickly gain ranking in search engines.

The sites that follow the Black-Hat method don’t survive for a long term as it bad practices such as Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking etc.

These sites may get ranked quickly, unpredictable changes, but suddenly will lose ranking.

How Do I DO SEO for your Business?

I will take care of both the part of your SEO activities including on page and off page SEO.

SEO includes four stages of optimization to increase your web presence and to drive high-quality traffic.

Stage 1: Market Analysis

I will analyze your website/blog as well as analyze your competitor sites to find the areas of improvements.

Then I will list all the keywords, Meta tags and top contents that already ranked well in Search Engine Position.

Then prepare a keyword list to improve your search engine ranking by using tools such as SEMRUSH, AHREFS etc.

Stage 2: Keyword Research

This is the crucial part of ranking where I will identify the targeted list of keywords and phrases.

Then, I will prepare a content planning to write new contents by preparing an excel sheet to start the process.

Finally, define objectives and goals in advance before starting the project. This helps us to measure ROI for our project.

Stage 3: Content Writing

Once we have the list of keywords scheduled for publication (as per excel sheet), we will start writing contents.

First I will write Meta Title, Description and other Meta tags that help relate your page content with the related keyword search queries.

Then, optimize the content by maintaining proper keyword density and add LSI keywords etc, which ensures faster ranking.

The final part of content writing is publishing articles and submitting them to search engines via XML Sitemaps.

Stage 4: Monitoring and Reporting

This is the final part of SEO in the ranking of a website/blog. All SEO activities are measurable and controllable.

Analyse the results by taking frequent reports as it will help in implementing new strategies and techniques.

I always follow White-Hat SEO techniques which are search engine friendly and retain your site ranking for a longer time.

The results from WHITE HAT SEO takes some time but those are sustainable results.

My SEO Service Prices:


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Rs. 3999


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