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Startup Business Ideas from Myilraj - Become an Entrepreneur


1.) Are you tired of working for someone for fewer wages?

2.) Are you spending 9 - 5 hrs for your boss?

3.) Why not spend only 2 - 3 hrs every day for you to create your own business?

If you wish to bring a change in your life in the next 100 days, then, let me show you the wonderful way which I am traveling now? I was once working as a maintenance engineer in a company now turned out to be a successful blogger. Now am earning a great decent income like a full-time engineer not only monthly but almost every single day.

Every one of you wants to earn money for our living. The money is needed for every day to day activity. In this scenario, how can we earn money then? Either we need to go for 9 – 5 day job for a monthly salary working for some employer or we can do any business. The second option will be the best one because we can make money at our ease, any time and work at our own convenience. There is no one to supervise our activities and simply, NO BOSS.

Benefits in Starting Your Own Business:

Time: When doing business, your time is in your own control and there is no need to answer someone else.

Family: Business people often spend more time with their family thus creates more bond and affection.

Money: When you look at the successful business people, they won’t care about money as they are doing their business based on their passion.

Above we have discussed various native business methods that require some physical store or workplace setup. But, thanks to the Internet as it gave every people a unique opportunity to make a decent income from their home working in the free time. Yes, I am going to show you one of these great ways that make you become an entrepreneur as well as a businessman.

I have started this business a small venture in 2013 with just one computer and internet connection working just from my home.

But now, I have developed this small venture into a start-up IT company running very successfully with more than 5+ employees working in my office.

I am going to show you the way how I turned myself from a job goer into an entrepreneur in just a few years. There are many advantages in doing business either from home or outside, offline or online.

How to Start this Business?

Domain Name

The Domain Name is your blog / website address usually like mine, myilraj.com, onlinehomeincome.in etc.

You should be very careful in selecting a right domain name as this will be your business brand (always choose .com).

I will help you with selecting a highly targeted keyword rich domain name which can be ranked easily in the search engines.

Registering a .com (your online identity) domain name will not cost you more than Rs.900 INR per year.

Web Hosting

This is the next process for your online business setup, finding a right hosting platform on the Internet.

Web Hosting Services is a process of supplying technologies needed for your website to be viewed on the Internet.

You should load all your web files to a special computer called a web server connected to the Internet to serve on the Internet.

Purchasing a reliable web hosting is essential for your online business and don’t worry, I will take care.

WordPress Theme

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that made web design easier even a newbie can design a great website.

There are many free themes available, but it will not be suitable. I recommend you to choose a premium theme for blogging.

Free themes don’t support have more features and limited customizations which makes in creating a professional design.

A premium WordPress theme will cost $60 – $80 (lifetime license), is a must for your business. (First Impression is the Best Impression).

Startup Business Blog Package: Rs. 8999/-

Start a own blog today under my mentor-ship
and create your own fortune of financial free life-style.


1.) FREE .com Blog Name
2.) FREE Web Hosting (one year)
3.) FREE WordPress Theme ($80 worth)
4.) FREE 30-Days Digital Marketing Training

Additional Perks:

5.) Theme Installation (licensing and setup)
6.) Plugin Installation and Optimization
7.) Free Blog Design
9.) WordPress Training
10.) SEO Training
11.) Digital Marketing Training
12.) Keyword Research Coaching
13.) Content Writing Coaching

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