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The Web Hosting is a kind of service that allows individuals, companies, and organizations to host their website or blog on to the Internet.

It is also known as the necessary services and the technologies required to manage a website or a blog to be viewed on the Internet.

Every online business requires at least an online website to list their services and products.

Website or blog is the doorway for your business over the Internet, where visitors can come to your marketplace.

Hence web hosting becomes a very essential part of your online business.


Requirements of Web hosting:

A website address usually called as a domain name and a hosting server to save all your documents and web pages.

A server is a special computer to store your web files and serve whenever required by the client.


How to choose a best web hosting Service?

For your online business, you may get visitors to your website or blog at any time throughout the day.

Hence, it is very necessary to keep your website live 24×7 hrs and 365 days all through the year.

This can be achieved only if your web server is highly scalable and reliable to operate in different environments.

Let me teach you how to find the best web hosting service for your online business.

  • High Reliability
  • High Scalability
  • Latest Softwares
  • 99.999% Uptime guarantee
  • Affordable Price
  • Latest hardware
  • Rigid Security Settings
  • Quality customer support


Types of Website Hosting:

The web hosting was broadly classified into three major types: Shared, VPS, Dedicated servers.

Cloud Hosting is recently booming and covering more online businesses because of its rigid technology.

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your server hardware at any time based on your site traffic.


Shared Hosting: A single web server is shared across many websites and it is suitable for beginners.

This web server can serve your website only to a certain extent based on the hardware and software architecture.


VPS Hosting: Virtual Proxy Server is a kind of hosting where a single server is separated into many virtual servers.

Here, you will get dedicated resources such as Ram, CPU, for the operation of your website or blog.


Dedicated Hosting: Here an entire server is dedicatedly assigned only for your online website or business.

You can have complete control over your server and it can handle the huge volume of traffic.


Cloud Hosting: These systems don’t have a particular structure and you can create as many VM’s (Virtual Machines) as you need.

Each VM has its own RAM, CPU, and other hardware dedicated to operating your online website.


Here, I will offer you best hosting experience for your first online business needs.

I have a dedicated server located in the United States and enabled wide CDN network architecture for faster site function.

You can get shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting based on your business needs.

Find the list of hosting plans for your business.

Web Hosting Plans


095663 - 55140


Rs. 999



Rs. 1999



Rs. 2999



per month

per month

per month

Disk Space

1000 MB

2000 MB

3000 MB


10000 MB

20000 MB

30000 MB


1 Website

2 Website

3 Website

Sub Domains

2 Sub-domains

4 Sub-domains

6 Sub-domains

Addon Domains

0 Add-on domain

1 Add-on domain

2 Add-on domains

Free Email




Free Software's

Free Control Panel

Free Website Builder

SEO Services

On request

On request

On request

Web Design Services

On request

On request

On request

99.99% Uptime

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