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About Myilraj: I mentor you to start a Perfect Online Business

Hi Everyone:

I am Myilraj G, from India, Admin at Online Home Income & founder at Myilraj’s Official blog. I was once a novice 9 – 5 Job Goer, now I am a successful online entrepreneur. I have some few other blogs performing well on the search results. I want to develop my knowledge and grow my skill, but this can be possible only by working on every different challenge.



I mean here is your project. I work on your project, optimize it to generate revenue for you and make you become an entrepreneur. The economical condition fluctuating more, day job’s can’t meet the monthly budget. Hence everyone has to find a second way or an alternate way to earn some extra revenue.

This is possible, with the power of the Internet, as it lets everyone to find some flexible ways to earn money online.

This was my first intention and the result was the rise of Online Home Income.

A brand, where people can find a proven alternate way to earn online.

In between my course towards financial freedom, I faced a lot of hurdles but passed many of them successfully but lost some of them. I don’t want to bore you and let me come to the point. I have explained myself more on my first blog and I want you to read by visiting here.


WHAT Do I offer?

Knowledge will be developed only with trying new challenges or teaching our learning’s to someone else. Yes, I want to put my experience on your new project, or ongoing project and make it successful. We will work together and grow your business. I earn more knowledge, you earn more money.

That’s all about me…

Thanks for your patience and time for reading this page.


I am very social you know,

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That’s it for now, See you again with some updates.

Bye, Have a nice time ahead…. … .. .