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Hey, Friends,

Let me introduce myself,

I am Myilraj G, from India. Blogger, founder, and administrator at Online Home Income (India’s topmost online jobs guide blog) and this is my Official blog in my name.

Now I am standing before you and I am proud to represent myself as a successful entrepreneur.

I was once a normal office going guy worked as an Electrical Engineer for a private company.

With the blessings of the god and my parents, now I am a CEO of a small successful IT Startup in Coimbatore, TamilNadu.


My Journey a Lookback:

2010, I completed my Diploma Course at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and I was introduced to the world full of opportunities.

The only experience I had is my Academic graduation and little practical knowledge in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Later, I joined as a maintenance staff in a private company for a monthly salary of $80 (Rs. 4000).

Thanks a lot to my Granny because she was the reason why I am here in front of you.

She says, even your earnings are very negligible, stay in the home location and live with your family and friends.

After I joined, regularly scheduled work goes on. Days went weeks, weeks went months, months went years…


2013, I started my first very own blog, Online Home Income, registered with own domain and hosting. Before starting this domain, I have some small experience working online from 2008.

I don’t know blogging, how to design a website/blog, no WordPress knowledge. When looking now, it makes me laugh at me.

Constructed my virtual online home income blog with custom HTML table designs. I involved myself to learn advanced PHP and CSS design and gave my site a new look at mid of 2014.

Constant evolution and based on the trust in my work, my blog started growing and achieved #1 position in Google India. I slowly started making my side income every month.


2015, December 31st I said Good-Bye to my 9 – 5 Job.


2016, The first day of the fresh new year, I tasted the freshness of being an individual entrepreneur. I started my own small startup IT to serve the field of Digital Marketing and SEO.


2018, I have been working more than 20+ blogs on various niche and successfully managing all the blogs and implement ideas to rank them better.


That’s all about me people, I don’t want to write all incidents very briefly and bore you. Instead, I highlighted few of the notable incidents that happened as a turning point in my life.




I always love to hunt knowledge where ever and whenever. As a part of my principle, I started this blog to showcase my list of various services that help your business growth.

I wish to work on your project, optimize it to generate revenue for you and make you become an entrepreneur.

The economical condition fluctuating more, day job’s can’t meet the monthly budget. Hence everyone has to find a second way or an alternate way to earn some extra revenue.

This is possible, with the power of the Internet, as it lets everyone to find some flexible ways to earn money online.

In between my course towards financial freedom, I faced a lot of hurdles but passed many of them successfully but lost some of them.

I don’t want to bore you and let me come to the point. I have explained myself more on my first blog and I want you to read by visiting here.


What Do I offer?

Knowledge will be developed only by trying new challenges or teaching our learning’s to someone else.

Yes, I want to put my experience on your new project, or ongoing project and make it successful.

Go to my service page and check my offer’s. Subscribe to any one of the services.

We will work together and grow your business. I earn more knowledge, you earn more money.

That’s all about me…

Thanks for your patience and time for reading this page.



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That’s it for now, See you again with some updates.

Bye, Have a nice time ahead…. … .. .